Barton Construction
Phone/Fax: (207) 729-5751
Materials and Equipment
Barton Construction has access to all of the equipment and material necessary to complete your project. 

We have access to the finest aggregates including quality screened topsoil, state approved sewer sand and gravel, reclaim, stone dust and crushed stone of all sizes

Piping and Culverts
We use high quality piping on our projects to ensure functionality and longevity of sewer and drainage systems.  ADS and Cresline plastic pipe and culverts and strong and long lasting.  Galvanized Culverts are also used depending on cost, span, size, as well as state/town code.

Geosynthetics and Geotextiles
These products are used for soil stabilization, erosion control, drainage, separation and other needs in the construction process.

Concrete Products
Sandelin Precast Products provides our high quality concrete septic tanks/ pump stations, leeching chambers, catch basins, distribution boxes and other precast products.

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